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Zed jurassien

To reveal to you Jura’s unexpected scenery in all its glory, we invite you to discover the area’s Zed circuit, an original step-by-step itinerary adapted to hiking and all-terrain biking.

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Carte Zed Jurassien


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Topoguide, accommodation and cultural heritage

From Le Grandvaux to the Loue Valley on an all-terrain bike

This all-terrain bike trail is located between St Laurent en Grandvaux and Arc et Senans.

You may arrive at Saint-Laurent by train. From there, follow the directions to Le Lac des Rouges Truites then Foncine le Haut and follow the Saine toward Sirod and Champagnole along the Tramjurassienne itinerary.

Continue on toward Montrond and Poligny, a town with a prestigious history; following the vineyards, you will arrive in Arbois to enjoy its vineyards, cellars and extraordinary historic area.

A few kilometres farther along, you will enter Salins les Bains, a site listed with UNESCO, where you may visit its old saltworks and salt museum.

The Gabelous path comprises the last part of the itinerary towards-Port Lesney and Arc et Senans (Royal Saltworks).

This unusual 136-km itinerary is designed to be followed in this direction and can be finished with a two-hour canoe ride through a tranquil, magnificent setting.

Five train stations are dotted along the itinerary to offer you a variety of options for the return trip. Train stations: St Laurent, Champagnole, Poligny, Arbois, Mouchard, Arc et Senans.

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Durée de l'itinéraire : 3 to 5 days on an all-terrain bike

Longueur du parcours : 136 km


Outstanding feature of the route

A downhill itinerary going from an altitude of 945m to 245m

An itinerary featuring separate bike lanes with only 3 km of very small roads

An authentic natural setting, pleasant little trails, vineyards stretching from Poligny to Arbois and Salins, and three towns offering an exceptional built heritage

Clear waters in the Saine, Lemme, Ain, Furieuse and Loue rivers

Gourmet stopovers and tastings all along the itinerary

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