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Charles le Téméraire bike path

The Charles le Téméraire (Charles the Bold) bike path offers an excellent opportunity to discover the remarkable heritage of the Saône at your own pace, in perfect harmony with nature.  




Carte Charles le temeraire


Guide détaillé et carte des rives de Saône

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This high-quality bike path (including 80% of greenways) follows the traditional tow roads along the banks of the Saône, built in accordance with the Freycinet gauge in the mid-19th century.

Part of the path follows the natural meandering of the river, but there are also two straight passages where the cycling itinerary bypasses two tunnels (short, easy climbs).

The river links the Lorraine region to that of the Rhône. Although the professional traffic along the river is limited, leisure boating is abundant. This itinerary is to be incorporated into a future north-to-south “Charles le Téméraire” bike path.

Its marked itinerary includes some 70 km of greenways interspersed with four low-traffic road sections. The path departs from Port-sur-Saône in the direction of Scey sur Saône, but there are also a number of access points along the way. The last markers continue through the town of Gray.

Information panels with simplified maps and a variety of information regularly appear along the itinerary.

Learn more

Route length : 140 km

www.cyclo.balade-haute-saone.fr  (in English)

Outstanding feature of the route

Tow roads, typical villages, works of art and castles dot the itinerary at regular intervals.

Biking along the Saône valley is a relaxing way to enjoy this well-preserved natural environment, taking the time to explore, pedalling at your own pace, exchanging greetings with leisure boaters and feeling as one with the tranquillity of this beautiful setting.

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